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Vfranca Spa is an urban, boutique skincare spa located in Downtown Denver's River Front Athletic Club. The Spa offers luxurious Facials, Waxing, and Skin care treatments using organic products from around the world; a personalized approach, using results-oriented skincare, and medically advance, non-invasive procedures, for overall well being, and a youthful appearance.  

Experience the transcendental effects of pure essential oils; soothing sounds, natural botanical ingredients, and exotic herbs, stimulate and nourish your skin and your mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

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4 Sneaky Causes of Wrinkles (& How to Avoid Them)

4 Sneaky Causes of Wrinkles (& How to Avoid Them)

Aging. It happens to all of us, but as we age, we all want to do so gracefully. Even if you take excellent care of your skin, there are still sneaky little culprits that can speed the aging process, causing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.

To help you age as beautifully as possible, we’re revealing 4 common causes for wrinkles (a.k.a the “4 Sneaky “S’s”) and what you can do to avoid them. 

1. Squinting

This one might seem obvious but you probably catch yourself squinting those peepers more often than you think. Every time you forget your sunglasses or squint at the computer screen, you’re increasing the likelihood of crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye area. And the more repetitive the facial expressions, the deeper the wrinkles over time. But don’t panic, your squinting won’t cause crow’s feet overnight, there are a number of things you can do to avoid fine lines around the eye area.

Using a good eye serum and eye cream day and night, wearing sunglasses with good UVA/UVB protection and using good quality, organic eye make up remover/ cleanser is important to prevent lines and wrinkles. Make sure to be conscientious of when you squint so when you catch your self squinting you will stop.

Tip: As a quick fix people are getting Botox. The problem is that Botox is superficial and requires a 3 month maintenance. It doesn't stop long term lines. You must continue to use it if you don't want to see the line. Long term research is limited; use it because you really can't stand that line on your face. Continue to care for your skin using a good serum and an SPF moisturize when getting sun exposure. That way when the Botox wears off your lines will hopefully not get worse.

A cheaper fix: Using Botox temporarily may help some stop using the muscle in the area which can help in preventing them from squinting and increasing the depth of a line. You could try getting Botox a couple of times, use the right products, then go off Botox and continue to be conscientious of when you squint; continue with a good skin care routine to maintain and prevent further wrinkles and lines.

2. Stress

Not only can stress cause strain on your heart and immune system, it can also wreak havoc on your complexion. Researchers found that “people with the most work-related stress had the shortest telomeres, causing cells to die or become damaged, which may speed up the aging process”

The good news about stress-related aging is that it can be averted. Healthy habits like exercise, meditation and a nutritious diet, can help ease stress and premature signs of aging. Aromatherapy is another safe and effective way to reduce stress. “Recent clinical and laboratory research has determined that chamomile is not only relaxing, but it can significantly decrease anxiety and even fight depression. Aromatheraphy products contain essential oils. Good quality, pure essential oils are therapeutic grade, therefore helping with everything from health to aging and stress.

3. Sugar

Sugar is not only bad for you but it also ages your skin. This scary process is called glycation where sugar bonds with proteins in your body. These sugar-bonded proteins produce free radicals which destroy your collagen and elastin, the building blocks that keep your skin strong and supple. A diet and skin care routine rich in antioxidants like vitamin C will reduce free radical damage to the skin and body.

4. Soaps & Sulfates

If you’re using harsh soaps or cleansers that contain sulfates, you may want to rethink your skin care routine. “Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh emulsifier that is found in body washes, facial cleansers, and soap; it rids the skin of dirt and oil while breaking down precious lipids, the glue that binds skin cells together." Most drug store and cosmetic counter cleansers use Sodium lauryl sulfate as well as synthetics and chemicals that in the long run damage your skin causing redness, dryness and wrinkles.

Tip: Don't under estimate your cleanser. I good cleanser is vital to starting your morning and evening skin care routine.




Finding a deodorant that is non-toxic and actually works seems impossible! There are quite a few options out there but most come with a big price tag or other disadvantages.

Picking a deodorant is like picking a perfume. I don't think there exists one deodorant that is right for every one. It is so individual as to the scent, and texture and how it reacts with the PH of your body.

I will tell you about a few natural, and safe deodorants that have been known to work for many people. Again it is individual as to which works for each person. The only way to know what works for you is to buy it and try it. But always read the reviews first as you can get some good insight and tips about the deodorant you may be thinking to try out.

Agent Nateur deodorant will keep you smelling lovely with a light trace of honey, lavender, and eucalyptus

Agent Nateur deodorant will keep you smelling lovely with a light trace of honey, lavender, and eucalyptus

Agent Nateur deodorant has a clean, mild eucalyptus scent and comes beautifully packaged. Made by hand with all natural ingredients. It goes on clear and doesn't stain your clothes or put any white marks on your clothes. It can be re-applied during the day to continue smelling fresh. Although i don't think this deodorant works if you are sweating heavily, but some say it does. It is priced at $19 but seems to last a while. www.agentnateur.com

Tip: read their how to use page. This deodorant contains Baking Soda which some people can be sensitive to. If you geta rash or other allergic reaction they do offer preventative advice on their "How To Use" page.

Lavalin cream deodorant will keep you smelling good for up to 10 days!

Lavalin cream deodorant will keep you smelling good for up to 10 days!

Lavilin cream deodorant is a thick white cream you apply at night under clean under arms. In the beginning you may need to apply every day and after a week you should only need to apply once every 3 to 10 days. Its very individual as to how long you can go with out re- applying the deodorant. The newer formula doesn't work for every one but for those that it does work on, it seems miraculous! The thought of not having to put deodorant on every day may make it worth trying at $20 for a little jar. www.lavilin.com

Tips- It doesn't stain your clothes, but it will put white marks on your clothes so it is best to apply at night, as the brand suggests. It comes in scented and non- scented formulas.

Lavilin 72 hour roll on deodorant

Lavilin 72 hour roll on deodorant

Lavilins all natural roll on deodorant does not stop you from sweating. It only stops you from smelling. It is suppose to work up to 72 hours and gets good reviews. Good for men and women. If Lavilin's cream deodorant doesn't work for you then this roll on just might be a good option. It may not work on everyone for 72 hours, but if you can get through the day, I'd say its worth every penny at $16. www.lavilin.com

AESOP Herbal Spray Deodorant smells fresh and herbaceous.

AESOP Herbal Spray Deodorant smells fresh and herbaceous.

Aesop spray deodorant is easy to use, just spray under arms and give it a minute to dry before applying clothes. Aluminum free, botanically based with zinc and essential oils. It also comes in a Vetiver scent and makes a great unisex deodorant. Re- applying during the day may be necessary and is individual, but many people feel it works all day even when sweating a lot. If you like a scented deodorant that is all natural, its a good option but with a big price tag at $35. www.aesop.com


Summer Beauty Essentials



Soften and protect skin with an antioxidant-rich, non-clogging, natural tinted moisturizer with zinc sun protection.


3 Beauty Essentials for Summer that everyone can use!



Cleanse, tone and remove make-up in one step with this all-natural and organic Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleansing Water.

-What makes this product great is that you apply it on a cotton pad then wipe your face. Great to carry around especially during hot weather to refresh and clean your skin, after a work out, or just to have bedside if your too lazy to get out of bed to wash your face!

CITRUS AND KALE POTENT C & E SERUM  Fast-absorbing, advanced serum for all skin types. This potent dose of non-irritating Vitamin C is stabilized by botanically-derived ferulic acid to deliver optimal antioxidant benefits and improve the appearance of skin.  Collagen formation is boosted and skin appears firmed and plumped!  This is an all in one serum that evens skin tone, anti-aging collagen building, firming, free radical fighter.         


Fast-absorbing, advanced serum for all skin types. This potent dose of non-irritating Vitamin C is stabilized by botanically-derived ferulic acid to deliver optimal antioxidant benefits and improve the appearance of skin.

Collagen formation is boosted and skin appears firmed and plumped!

This is an all in one serum that evens skin tone, anti-aging collagen building, firming, free radical fighter.




Benefits Of A Spa Facial


There are many benefits to getting a Spa Facial and why you should get them regularly. When we look good we feel more confident. When we feel good, we exude happiness on to those around us. Life becomes a better place.

  • All skins need a deep cleaning; just like going to the dentist and getting your teeth cleaned, Facials help to exfoliate away dead skin, draw out impurities, a deep cleaning of pores and hydrate the skin. The skin is left clean and smooth and hydrated.


  • With regular Facials your esthetician will be able to keep up with your skin's ever changing needs and help recommend the right products and regimen for that moment.


  • Facials stimulate blood circulation to the face. This is very important as our blood is what carries nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Stimulation keeps the complexion nice and skin glowing.


  • Facial massage is not only stimulating but helps to relax muscle tension, a common cause of wrinkles.


  • Steam helps to detoxify our skin and softens the skin for easier extractions and penetration of products.


  • Facials remove build up of dead skin cells, dirt and makeup that get trapped in the pores. Exfoliation is key to maintaining smooth, clean skin.


  • Masks and serums help to correct skin issues, hydrate and plump skin making your skin look healthy and more youthful.


  • Creams make the upper layers of skin soft and subtle, helping to alleviate dryness and irritations.


  • Facials help you relax for an hour. We all need to pamper ourselves on occasion and get away from the every day hustle and bustle of life. Thinking about only ones self for a few hours a month is not selfish, its healthy. Its necessary in order to have a healthy mind, and a youthful appearance!

Getting facials once a month, along with using the right products at home, will keep your skin looking and feeling good. Hint: packages offer the best price point. They will also help you to stay on routine and continue to maintain your skin.


Your New Years Resolution- Firm Up Your Skin

Pain, no gain does not apply here! Leave it to your Facialist to do the work out on your face while you just lay there in a blissful state, being slathered with potions and lotions.  After an hour or so of glory, you arise from the bed with firmer, smoother, younger looking skin!

No you are not dreaming, this is really what happens when you get a Facial, well at least it should happen, so long as you chose the right Facialist! But just like Cinderella, that blissful hour of beauty and youthfulness will fade away right before your eyes, unless you find a away to maintain it.

There are many ways to firm up your skin and keep it looking young and youthful. Keeping up with your skin can get pricey! As your New Years resolution lets focus on caring for your skin in a practical way and find natural solutions to maintain your skin and keep it looking firm and youthful at any age!

FACIALS are important! The added exfoliation and stimulation you get from a facial should instantly leave your skin looking firmer and smoother. But the results are short lived unless you maintain your skin at home with the right products and regime to follow.

Great add- ons to a Facial that do firm your skin without the big price tag, but there is one catch, they are temporary. The long term results comes from using these devices at home regularly. 

  • LED Red Light will calm the skin, and stimulate collagen production, regenerating the skin. Great, non-invasive way to deal with fine lines, uneven skin tone, and build collagen.
  • Nuface Microcurrent works on the muscles and instantly firms up the skin.

About Peels; not all peels are the same. Peels do not have to be an unpleasant experience. Milder peels that have no downtime can still be effective on the skin and actually better for the skin in the long run. If you want dramatic results, quickly then a stronger peel may be necessary. Fortunately, with newer technology, peels have become a much more relaxing experience, safer and less downtime than traditional peels. Its also cheaper cost than laser procedures or plastic surgery with longer results than injectables.

Products! I know getting products can get pricey but is it not worth it. We are talking about your skin, an organ that has many functions both internally and externally. Our skin is alive and breathes. Caring for your skin is no different than caring for your body or caring for your teeth. It is important as our skin is a reflection of our over all health. The great part about caring for our skin is it all feels good! So don't skimp on products. You don't need a lot of products, you just need the right products for long term results. 

A few important products that really help firm and have long term results, Serums.

  • Eminence Acai Firm Skin Serum is full of potent antioxidants and natural firming ingredients. It can be used on your face and eye area. This is not a superficial serum. I have personally seen the results!
  • C & E Kale and Citrus Serum not only stimulates collagen, but lightens, brightens and firms your skin. A potent concoction like nothing else I've seen on the market. This really is an organic, age-defying cocktail for your skin!
  • Facial Recovery Oil Is a soothing, hydrating, anti-wrinkle oil. Its scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles. Its healing properties are good for acne, scars, wrinkles and sensitive skins. Its a miraculous, Biodynamic oil that no one should be with out!
  • Epigran Serum uses Wheat germ (Epigran) which contains Vit A & E to reduces wrinkles. This serum oxygenates and regenerates the skin leaving a nice glow.
  • Neroli Eye Serum is not like any other serum you've put around your eyes. It can even go on your delicate eye lids. Its collagen building and firming!

Even better is that all of these products can be combined and used together. They are concentrated so only a few drops are needed and penetrate the skin deeply. Your skin will soak it up and will feel hydrated, and look firmer instantly, yet the results are long term.

Lastly, drink lots of water, pure water. Limit alcohol and coffee. Eat your nuts and berries. Learn to love leafy greens and avocados. Make friends with your Facialist, and visit often. Use Organic skin care products, especially serums religiously and have a Happy, Healthly, and Youthful New Year!







Learn to love your leafy greens and avocados and Have a Happy, Healthy, Youthful looking New Year!

Learn to love your leafy greens and avocados and Have a Happy, Healthy, Youthful looking New Year!


With so many Spas with different price points and so many product options out there, most wonder what is the difference. Why spend over $100 for a massage or a facial or on a product at a high end Spa when places like Massage Envy charge a lot less. What is the difference???

Lets start with Products

Good quality products can get expensive. Just like many organic foods are more expensive than foods that have GMOs because its less expensive and more profit involved in GMOs than in Organic foods. The same holds true for most skin care products. A lot of big companies spend their money on marketing instead of research. They make more money through marketing as people tend to buy what they see in a magazine or what a celebrity is saying they use. In the states any claim can be made that a product works or is safe to use. Unfortunately it is about profit and not the individuals well being.

Do your research and choose products wisely. Google ingredients instead of just going by what an ad or a doctor, or a Spa is selling. People choose to sell products for many reason but the main reason is for profit and quick, superficial results. Ingredients like Hydroquinone, which is banned in many countries, but yet still being sold in the USA. Why? Well because it works. It doesn't always matter to an individual, in the long run what the risks are, its about getting a quick result. Many clients want quick results and if they don't see a quick result then they will think that the product is not good or that you don't know what you are doing, therefore the Spa loses money and loses a client.


Massage is all physical work. Its up to the individual massage therapist hands, techniques, knowledge, intuitiveness as to how good of a job they do. With that being said, you really have just as good of a chance of getting a good massage at a cheaper price point as you do at an expensive price point since the cost for a Spa to offer massage is low and quality of massage is mainly in the massage therapists hands.

There are many reasons why a really good and experienced massage therapist could end up working at a Spa that is not high end or may charge less for their services. Sometimes it just comes down to what the place of work is offering them such as incentives, a stable work environment, health insurance.

But you also have some not so good massage therapist that may end up having to work in a less expensive Spa or may be they have little experience and no clientele. What ever the case may be, its not always the price point that determines how good a massage therapist is. This makes getting a massage hit or miss as to the out come. But below are some pointers that can help you pick a massage therapist or Spa based on your likes and needs.

The difference between a well established, high end Spa and a Spa that is not as upscale or more budget friendly is in what you get for the money. A higher end Spa will more than likely have better quality equipment and facilities that they can afford to keep clean and maintain. Nicer ambiance which can have a huge impact on how you feel during and after a service and if you think the service you received is worth what you paid. Better customer service, and they may offer you beverages, snacks, comfy robes and slippers and incentives for a more pleasurable experience and to make sure you are getting your monies worth.

The products that are used to massage with in an upscale Spa will normally be better quality. We don't tend to think about or even ask what is being used to massage us with even though it is very important. Creams and oils get absorbed into your skin and enter your blood stream, therefore they can impact your skin, body and organs in positive or negative ways. If you care about what you eat, and eat organically, well then you should care about what is being applied on your body!

A higher end Spa may be more careful with who they hire due to their higher standards and concerns with their reputation. But, I hate to admit it, there are a lot of high end Spas that hire therapist with out much experience. Sometimes they are honest about it and may offer the service at a discount since the therapist is new, but not always.

Less experience doesn't necessarily mean the therapist isn't good. What is means is that with less experience they may not be as good about determining what your needs are and how to help with any conditions or issues affecting your muscles, posture, etc. They may not know or be practiced with many techniques and that could limit what they can do for you. Knowledge and experience can be important for the over all out come of your service, unless you are just looking strictly for relaxation.

The reason a Spa may hire a less qualified therapist mostly comes down to either cost, as they can pay them less and work them more, or because they feel that they can teach a less experienced therapist to follow their protocols. A very experienced therapist may have a harder time changing their way of working and may be more set in their ways than a person who doesn't have experience, and may be more enthusiastic about learning, and growing within the industry.

No matter where you choose to go, do your research. Ask about the therapists experience level, their techniques used and ask what products will be used in your massage. If you can, try to get feed back from people you know that have gone to the Spa you want to try out. Check out their reviews. But keep in mind reviews are not always accurate or truthful, but they can give you some insight into what you could expect. Word of mouth is normally the best way to find a therapist.

Know what you want. If ambiance or high quality products are important to you, well then save your money and go to a high end Spa and not a lower end Spa that may offer a good massage but nothing else, otherwise you will not be happy. Don't have the same expectations at a low end Spa as you would at an upscale Spa. Expectations should be realistic. You shouldn't expect a Massage Envy or to pull out the red carpet. Go to Four Seasons if you want to be pampered. 


Facials are more complex as they require more than a good set of hands. The products used are what help give results, along with the Esthetician's experience and knowledge of the products they are using and knowing how to manipulate those products for the best out come. The price of a facial is normally determined by-

  • what the cost is for the Spa to purchase the products they are using.
  • what the cost per facial is and what the facial entails
  • the timing;  is it 50 minutes, 60 minutes or 80 minutes? *A note on that, some spas will look like they are offering you a good price but most clients don't notice that its because its a 50 minute service. You can only do so much in a 50 minute facial. This means they have to spend less time on some parts of the service in order to get you in and out in 50 minutes. So think about timing and your needs when you book a facial!
  • the quality of the products and equipment being used
  • the level of experience of the esthetician.

If a place is offering a really low price point, you should question why? Products used in facials get expensive. Many companies have large opening orders Spas have to pay if they want to carry their line of products. They also have minimum order requirements to purchase more products as needed. Equipment can get expensive and is necessary in order to do a good, thorough facial. 

Retail products are also expensive to purchase even at whole sale pricing. So when you see places offering big discounts on products, you should question why? If they are selling the product at a huge discount then it means the Spa isn't going to get a profit. How are they affording to stay in business. Where are they budgeting or cutting corners? Hopefully not in your facial service!

About online product purchases, know your source you are purchasing from. If a company is offering a big discount, a lot times its because the product is expired or getting close to expiring. This means it may not work as good or at all. Discounted products a lot of times are returns, fakes, old or discontinued products.

 The reality is that in the Spa industry, when it comes to facials, the Spa's cost to operate has everything to do with what they charge you. Good quality products and services get expensive. If a place is using good quality products and are charging cheap prices then there is something missing. Or if they are using cheap quality products but charging high prices then something is not right. There should be a balance. If products are good quality and expensive then they will have to charge more for the facial. I leave that for you to think about....

Our skin on our face is delicate. Once you screw it up using the wrong products or going to someone who didn't know what they were doing could have consequences to your skin that is irreversible! In the long run it could cost you a lot of money to fix your skin because through the years you either didn't take good care of it or chose to go somewhere based only on the price and not on quality of work and product.












Your At Home Skincare Routine Guide

Once you have gotten a Facial ( scroll down to "Why You Should Get A Facial" ), it is important to maintain your skin at home, not only to keep it looking good, but also to help in correcting any skin conditions or concerns that prompted you to get a facial in the first place. Its best to have your Facialist go over a routine with you after your facial, in order to have a more individualized skincare routine.

Here is a simple routine with guidelines to put you on the right path to care for your skin.  (If this is too much for you, then scroll down to my simplified version)

  • Cleanser to wash your face day and night
  • Exfoliating Granular Scrub or Enzyme Mask to remove dead skin cells, refine your pores and smooth your skin. Depending on your skin type and type of exfoliant, it is normal to exfoliate 1-3 times a week after you cleanse your face.
  • Toners are used for a variety of reasons from reducing oil, refining and cleaning your pores, to hydrating the skin and infusing the skin with herbs and antioxidants.  They also help to restore your skins' PH balance and penetrate serums and moisturizers into the skin better. Use it everyday after you wash your face and right before applying your serum and / or moisturizer.
  • Serums! I'm a big fan of serums! They penetrate deeper into the skin and really help in correcting and preventing skin conditions. There are many types of Serums from oil, to water, and gel based. Most are full of anti-oxidants that help fight free radical damage and nourish our skin. Think of them as a vitamin and mineral rich cocktail for your skin to drink up. Especially good for helping to prevent and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and reverse sun damage. Some serums help with blemishes, skin irritations,  and redness.  There is a serum out there for everyone!
  • Moisturizers - they work on the upper layers of skin, making our skin soft and supple. They help to hydrate and can have ingredients that are anti-aging, or that help in aiding in reducing or preventing certain skin conditions. Always use your moisturizer on top of your serum, day and night. Choose a moisturizer with SPF (sun protection) for day only, as its focus is on protecting your skin from the sun, while still hydrating your skin, and use a moisturizer with out SPF for night, that can focus on other skin conditions and anti-aging benefits.
  • Eye Cream is important to use day and night. The eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging. The skin around the eyes is more delicate than the rest of our face and needs special care to not wrinkle as quickly. Eye cream can help make your eyes look less tired, reduce dark circles, puffiness and bags. It can make your skin look firmer, and prevent crows feet and fine lines. 

Simplified Skin Care - for those always on the go, or those who just don't have any skin concerns yet:

Depending on how skin conscientious you are, is going to determine how much time you spend on your skin. If the routine above seems like too much for you to incorporate into your already busy life, let me simplify things even further for those on the go types and those who really don't have any real skin concerns yet.

  • Cleanser and Exfoliating scrub ( you could get a2 in 1 cleanser with built- in exfoliating grains that cleans and does a gentle exfoliation at the same time. This will save you a step).
  • Serum - some serums can be used alone, without the need for a moisturizer on top, unless your skin is very dry. Pick one that can double as a face and eye serum. Use alone at night.
  • Moisturizer with SPF (sun protection factor 30 is best ) for day.
  • Eye cream day and night




Why You Need A Facial!

A facial is a deeper cleaning of your skin than what you will do at home, using professional products that are normally stronger and can achieve better, faster results. Facials can also require the use of special equipment that you would not have at home, and a magnifying mirror capable of seeing all your skins' flaws. A facial will help to correct any skin issues you may have and put you on the right path, caring for your skins' type, slowing down the aging process. When you get a facial your Esthetician will be able to get a better look at your skin and help guide you with what your skins' needs are, making suggestions as to what products you need to use at that time.

A basic Facial consists of the following:

  • Cleansing the face to remove any dirt, makeup, and bacteria, preparing it for all other facial steps.
  • An Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and bring clarity to the skin; minimizing fine lines, and flakiness, making your skin smooth and clear.
  • Steam treatment to detoxify, hydrate, and soften the skin, preparing it for extractions,
  • Extractions to remove blackheads and white heads,
  • A Mask to help aid in correcting skin issues and concerns, dramatically increasing the elasticity and health of your skin.
  • A Face Massage to help stimulate blood flow, relax muscle tension, detoxify, tone, firm the skin, and help the penetration of oils and serums into the skin for enhanced results.
  •  Facial always ends with a Moisturizer for your skin type that will hydrate the upper layers of skins, and can help in correcting some skin conditions, and create a dewy, glowing complexion.  .

* All basic facial steps are important and necessary to achieve maximum results for your skin, while incorporating other procedures, or techniques will further enhance results.

After a Facial your skin should feel smooth, and clean with a brightened complexion that glows. The skin should look firmer; pores and fine lines should look more refined. But after effects of a facial are only temporary as you do need to maintain your skin at home to keep those results. Facials will normally be needed 1x month. You will notice in a months time that your skin may start to look and feel a little dull, with build up of dead skin cells, and blackheads may re-appear. With home maintenance the skin should be much better,  but Facials do more for your skin than what you can do at home.

Our skin is moody, and changes can occur based on what you have been eating and drinking such as too much alcohol, or caffeine, could dehydrate your skin, and make it look dull. The weather has a huge impact on our skin making it drier in winter and oilier in summer. Sometimes the change in weather or seasons can irritate your skin causing breakouts, redness or conditions like Eczema, or Dermatitis. By coming in each month for a facial you can keep up with changes in your skin and also help to control skin conditions you may have, keeping your skin healthy, and looking younger!


If you got only 30 minutes to make your Skin look great for that special occasion, then you need the following Products in your bathroom cabinet. For maintenance do 1 or 2x a week to keep your skin looking great!

Always a granular SCRUB to get rid of that dead skin and instantly smooth your face.


A MASK that Stimulates and brings blood flowing to your face and skin. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The stimulation instantly will leave the skin with a rosy glow. All the stimulation will also make your skin look firmer. You could stop here, with the 2 stimulating mask below and have great results on your skin, or continue on scrolling below for even better skin results.

  • EMINENCE LIME STIMULATING MASK - For all skins there is nothing else like it! Your skin will look great after this intense mask!

  • EMINENCE HUNGARIAN HERBAL MUD - Oily or problem skins must have mask.!Not only does it stimulate, but it detoxifies, it refines pores, reduces inflammation, and gets rid of breakouts.

If you have an extra 10 minutes well finish with a HYDRATING MASK to plump your skin and alleviate flakiness.

Oily skins, a gel base hydrating mask will just put water in your skin. -Astara Golden Flame Mask

Dry skins stick to something with add oils to nourish and soothe -Eminence Bamboo Firming and Hydrating Mask.

Combination skins will love the -Eminence Duo Mask!

If you do these 3 things, you will have instantly beautiful, glowing skin without the need for makeup!