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Vfranca Spa is an urban, boutique skincare spa located in Downtown Denver's River Front Athletic Club. The Spa offers luxurious Facials and Skin care treatments using organic products from around the world; a personalized approach, using results-oriented skincare, and medically advance, non-invasive procedures, for overall well being, and a youthful appearance.  

Experience the transcendental effects of pure essential oils; soothing sounds, natural botanical ingredients, and exotic herbs, stimulate and nourish your skin and your mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

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.Chemical Peels 

Chemical and Organic Peels work for a variety of skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, acne, large pores, congested skin, fine lines, and aging skin. They exfoliate to reveal smoother, even-toned skin.

Vfranca Spa uses Natural and Organic Peels in various strengths; Rhonda Allison Peels for more dramatic results. All Rhonda Allison Peels include a post care product. Mid- depth peels include a complimentary Essential Post Peel Facial Treatment that should be done a week after your peel. Complimentary Consultations are available to help you choose the best peel for your skin. Most services can be done at the time of consultation.

Not sure which Peel to choose, BOOK ONLINE a Peel 1st time Consult with Service and we will chose the right peel for your skins needs at the time of your appointment.


45 minutes: $150 includes post care product // Package of 3: $375 includes post care product

SPECIAL OFFER: Package of 3 Peels $300 on any of our Rhonda Allison Peels, suited for your skin type and conditions. . Includes a post care product.


Beneficial for normal to dry and uneven skin tones- offering firming, toning, antioxidant, and brightening support; minimizing fine lines and pigmentation.

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Creates dramatic results; balances hydration and sebaceous activity, minimizing fine lines, firming slackened tissue, reduces acne scars, and improving over all skin texture. Great for all skin types.

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A mid-depth, enhanced Jessner, multi layered peel trio, that impacts to reverse aging, renewing and freshening skin, and increasing collagen production for age- defying results.

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Great for oily, acneic, and sluggish, dull skins, reducing sebaceous activity, lifts impurities, stimulates, minimizes fine lines and lightens complexion.

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Quicker, Organic Peel treatments that can be done on your lunch break. There is no downtime; your skin is left with a healthy glow. Consultations are included to make sure you choose the right Peel for your skin's needs.



This Eminence Organic Peel and Peptide treatment targets wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, and is also suitable for most sensitive skins. The over all effect is clearer, firmer, smoother, and more luminous skin with no down time.

Package of 3: $235 // Package of 6: $425

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YAM AND PUMPKIN PEEL // 30 min: $85

Organic Yam and Pumpkin pulp puree is rich in enzymes, beta-carotene, antioxidants that fight the signs of aging. Organic yam and pumpkin rich enzymes are combined with papaya, glycolic, and lactic acids to exfoliate and smooth the skin; reducing pigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage to improve the appearance of skin. Especially good for pigmented and sun damaged skins.

Package of 3: $235 // Package of 6: $425

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