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Vfranca Spa is an urban, boutique skincare spa located in Downtown Denver's River Front Athletic Club. The Spa offers luxurious Facials, Waxing, and Skin care treatments using organic products from around the world; a personalized approach, using results-oriented skincare, and medically advance, non-invasive procedures, for overall well being, and a youthful appearance.  

Experience the transcendental effects of pure essential oils; soothing sounds, natural botanical ingredients, and exotic herbs, stimulate and nourish your skin and your mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

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Summer Skin

Its Summer Time! It Is Time To Change Up Your Skincare Routine!

With warmer air,  and more sunshine, we look forward to being out doors more. But Summer heat can make the pores look larger, skin starts to get  oilier, especially in the T-zone areas (nose, chin, inner cheeks and middle of forehead.) This creates a tendency towards pores clogging, and breakouts. Sun exposure also can cause skin to hyper-pigment and freckle. Tanning can cause dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin and get trap in the pores for additional clogging. We are out side more, our skin gets dirty!

Whats to do? First, you need to come in for a facial! Get a good Deep Cleansing Facial and slough off all that dead, dull, skin. At that time you can be advised at to what products will be best for you to use during the summer months based on your skins' type and skins' concerns. 

Here are some of Summer's must- haves no matter what type of skin you have:

  • Sun screen is a must! Look for sun screens that use Zinc only. Its a physical sun screen that is good for you and your skin. SPF 30 is the recommended number that safe and effective.
  • Exfoliator - granular scrubs can help remove dead skin cells and clean pores better. Exfoliators also keep pores looking refined and skin smooth.
  • Lighter moisturizers- your winter creams will definitely be too heavy for summers warmer weather.
  • Serums with melanin inhibiting properties to help reduce and prevent dark spots, hyper-pigmentation caused by the sun.
  • Always think Antioxidants! Our skin needs them year around for healthy, and youthful skin!

At this point, you should be thinking about that Facial. There are some great Summer Specials at Vfranca Spa. Check them out and see you soon!