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Vfranca Spa is an urban, boutique skincare spa located in Downtown Denver's River Front Athletic Club. The Spa offers luxurious Facials, Waxing, and Skin care treatments using organic products from around the world; a personalized approach, using results-oriented skincare, and medically advance, non-invasive procedures, for overall well being, and a youthful appearance.  

Experience the transcendental effects of pure essential oils; soothing sounds, natural botanical ingredients, and exotic herbs, stimulate and nourish your skin and your mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

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Why Do I Have Large Pores and Remedies

You should view your face like a work of art. Not only because you’re beautiful, but also because your skin needs to be a flawless canvas. So why are those unsightly pores spoiling the smooth perfection of your skin’s surface? Here are the three main causes for large pores and what you can do to minimize the size of them.

Pores are openings in your skin that contain a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland. When oil and dirt clog your pores with an ugly sludge of impurities, the diameter of the opening actually expands so the pore appears larger and more prominent. Our best solution is to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly and ensuring that pores stay clean and tight.

Recommendation:  Eminence Pear and Poppyseed Microderm Polisher. This exfoliant is one of the best ways to get rid of large pores caused by blocked openings. A gentle exfoliating mask, the polisher buffs away dead skin cells, improving the texture of the skin and leaving it glowing. Sensitive skins: use Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, is a powder formula that is super exfoliating and cleaning without being harsh on delicate skin. Tip: mix with a fine walnut or olive grain to get that scrubby feel without scratching the skin.

The double whammy of age and sun damage can alter the look of your pores. With age, the skin produces less collagen and becomes inelastic. The sun causes further damage to aging skin, leading to a greater loss of firmness. The end results are pores that are larger and distended into an oval shape due to slack skin.

Recommendation: Eminence Clear skin Willow Bark Serum, mask, and moisturizer targets the skin with active ingredients willow bark and tea tree oil that reduce the appearance of oil on the skin and specifically control pore size. Citrus and Kale C&E Serum will help collagen production, and firms skin which helps in keeping pores looking smaller and is anti-aging.

Sometimes, you’re just genetically predisposed to inherit large pores, especially on the nose and the cheeks. Men generally have more pronounced pores than women, as do women undergoing hormonal changes. Your skin type is also key: People with oily skin tend to create more sebum, increasing the likelihood of clogged, enlarged pores.

Recommendation: Blackberry Pore Refining Serum or Clear skin Willow Bark Serum specially formulated to control the size of pores, these serums are non-oily and astringent in nature. Regular use minimizes the look of pores and also smooths and refines the skin.

Professional service recommendations: Microdermabrasion will exfoliate the skin and refine pores. Peels are a great way to not only exfoliate and refine pores, but they are also anti-aging.

Prevent: Eminence Peel Pads for extra exfoliation, refining, and anti-aging benefits. Getting monthly Facials helps to keep pores clean and skin looking smooth. Using the right products at home regularly will help to prevent, and maintain skin for better, long term results!